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Monday, 1 November 2010

Hit and Run?

It's most likely like Hit and Drive ... hahhaa y?
Listen to this, ehhhhh I mean read this ^ ^

I was driving home from S.alam,
everything was just fine until this big lorry hit my car
x la kuat sgt, but enough to make me make my eyes gile2 besar n bulat smbil pandang blakang
Signal da pasang, n time tuh kat bukit, bhenti for traffic light n I wanted to go to the right lane
so the lorry(at the right lane) shouldn't be laju sgt n smpai hit my car la kan?

but as you all know, lorry mmg suke bwk laju, n have no intension to break if you nk masuk dpn dia .. kan kan kan?
so nk wat cm ne, langgar la ...
dorang nk kesah ap, dorang lg besar, if rosak pn, sure skit je, more over big possibility lorry tuh company punye ...

Bile da lanngar tuh, dia horn ...
and I what bodo je la, xstop pn krete ...
so I notice that lorry bwk gile laju,
a big lorry on the 3rd lane on the right???
so malas nk gado ( bukan malas, takot sbenarnye.. hehe) bwat bodo jer la ...
nk wat cm ne kan?
xkan nk langgar lorry tuh balik


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