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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Polaroid Camera

Do you have 1??? if ade, jealousssssnyeeee~

I'm thinking of getting 1 .. hehe
after browsing, I found out that the 1 Polaroid camera that I'm interested in particular is
FUJIFILM Instant Camera - Instax Mini 7S

Seriously lawa kan???
tapi ...... (haih there's always a BUT)
the lowest price I found is RM245 for the camera only ...
the instax should be around RM22-28 (a pack of 10 instax)
Mahal la instax dia, nnt pokai cuz nk beli instax dia jer .. lol

Anyway I'm still "tengok-tengok" kat internet dlu
Searching for the best one ...
Do tell me if you know any good Polaroid camera ok!

P/S: I've send a text to my parents (they're performing Haji right now) if they can buy me one if ad jumpe kat sane ... hehe
They said kat sane Iphone 3G only cost about RM300 and Iphone 3GS is about RM600 kat sane -.-"
And they bought 3 Iphones (for themselves and my lil bro)
If tahu beli kat sane je ... haihhh


Yg cm nih pn bole jgk ... hehe

*drawing by BF yg perasan reti melukis ... hahahah


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