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Monday, 1 November 2010

My maid's story

At last, I'm home ...
so this post is going to be more to 'words' thn 'pics'
I know, lately my post xde ayat sgt, full of pic jer
It's bcause I was having my final exam, so tu care cepat tok update blog la .. hehe

Anyway, u guys should meet my maid,
she's younger thn me, 19 this year
gile talkative, even sape yg dtg raye ari tuh pn dia men blasah je sembang ngn dorang
she likes to laugh, bnde x klakar pn bole gelak
gelak dia smpai tduduk kat lantai kot~

she likes to watch tv drama too
lagi2 indon punye, but lately I noticed dia da start tgk malay punye drama
N only td I know y ...
It's bcause of those handsome actors!!! haahha

One in particular is Zain Saidin, I don't really know who he is, until I had to google about him since my maid can stop 'menjerit' just by watching him on tv ...
hahahhaa gile x gile???
suddenly jerit .. "aAaaaaAaaaa" thn gelak2, tunjuk jari kat si Zain nih ...

I was like -.-"

I don't really think she watches the drama pn, rasenye dia tenung si Zain tuh jer ...
n thn ajak I borak psl Zain, siap nk masuk kan pic Zain dlm HP!!!! hahahahha

Anyway for those yg xtahu sape Zain nih, here a pic of him
(nih la pic, yg nk masukkan dlm HP maid I, but x bjaya since HP dia da full! lol)


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