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Monday, 22 November 2010

For You

U still read my blog?
Come on la .. that's just lame

please please go away
I don't need u or your BF near my life
I've got my own, n I obviously don't need urs

Anyway, sape tengah stalk sape skrang nih???
hahahahahhaa right on ur face B****!!!

Da malu kan skrang?
So go away!


sui nawi said...

Oo u mrh sape....
i buat header comel jom check it out

khairil said...

emm. i think it's time to put a new entry..haha

Milly said...

I tahu she's still reading my blog
biar dia bace lame2 skit
(padahal xde idea nk tulis ape da)

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