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Monday, 27 December 2010

A beach day at Cherating

Last Christmas me and my family went to Cherating, merely because we were going to attend a wedding at Kuantan.

We stayed at The Legend hotel.
The room was a disappointment, small and too simple
But the swimming pool was big and dekai ngn pantai jugak

Unfortunately the beach was really dirty
There were foam everywhere, and I'm not sure where that foam came from
More over it was in "Teh Tarik" Color! Yuckkkksss

So here are some pics!


My bro's

And Oh, we went to Warung otak-otak Che Wan, Kemaman too
Every time pegi Terengganu or Kuantan, mesti makan kat ctu
I think it's my mom's fav! hehe

A cat makan with us too
Sorry pic sume lepas makan, biase la bile da makan lupe da nak amek pics! hehe


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