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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

My Blog Shop, Charm Closet

It's new ... xsampai 1 week pon lg
still need few things to adjust
barang pn xbyk lg

Anyway, this is actually my 3rd blogshop. The first one was a book blogshop, I sold my books (Novels, comics), but I have deleted it. I suddenly realize that I should keep my Novels and Comics. One day I should have a room just for my books.
Banyak duit nk buat cmtuh! haha but who knows kan?

My second blogshop is a health care products. It's still running though.
You can check it out here!

This new blogshop, I want to run it with my friend, Hazira.
Since we're both are on our final sem, so we will make this blog as priority as we have completed our FYP (Final Year Project). But you can still check it out.
I've uploaded few items, skrng tgh sengkek, so step by step la kan?

It's called Charm Closet!
I will be really glad if you can link Charm Closet to your blog ^ ^
You can copy the url at the right conner of the blog

Click here!!!


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