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Monday, 27 December 2010

Shhhh Don't tell my mom

I kidnapped a kitten from my cousin's house
Ok ok ok, xla kidnap, my cousin bagi actually
He got 3 new kittens and da xlarat nk jage.. huhu
So I took one!

Please don't tell my mom, she'll be furious!
Anyway me n my bro bwak kitten to the vet.
Nak buang kutu and the possibility of kurap.
Then terpaksa kurung kitten dlm cage for a few days
so that nnt dia akan biase "buat bussiness" dlm cage dia jer

Well my bro said "Emok", the kitten's original name
Tapi, Emok xbest la
Do you have any idea???


Lein Nazir said...

Kasitau mama!!!

Milly said...

jangan la...
mahal kot bwk g jumpe vet

Lein Nazir said...

Upah...? Camne bw blk tu?

Milly said...

Upah 50 sen nak??
bawak balik gune beca.
penat kayuh!

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