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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Plants Vs Zombies Game Of The Year Edition

Have you played it???
I know game nih gile da lame ...
like my BF said "Bru men game nih?? Men la game yg up skit"
Yes2, baru men ...
I've seen my bro playing this game few years back, but I wasn't interested at that time.

So during this sem break (nak abes da sem break waaaaaaaaa)
I tried several games,
i.Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing
ii. Parking Dash
iii. Club COntrol 2
iv. Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love
v. Plants Vs Zombies Game Of The Year Edition
vi. Roller Rush

Semua pn best, you should try it .. tapi if only u have free time la
these games can be addicted. I played Plants Vs Zombies Game Of The Year Edition satu malam je dah complete all levels ... huhu khusyuk x khusyuk men game. lol

Anyway you can download the full version here
There are lots of interesting game, byk da download nih, tgg mase nak men jer! lol

Zombie me, I call it DonDen! lol


nas_luv_choc said...

i lyk dis game..hahha

nabila saat said...

haha!!bie pn da main game nih..adik yg lama tahu kewujudan game ni..
siap sindir lagi..
'baru main game nih..tertinggl kapal terbang la '

Milly said...

lebih kurang la kite,
tp in my case BF yg ckp cmtuh
my lil bro yg gile2 suro I men.
now da addicted pulak

Botak said...

Try to play the game a little higher graphical..
This kind of game I'm not interested lah.. :P

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