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Saturday, 11 December 2010

I'm Malay... Seriously Part II

After posting I'm Malay... Seriously ... I would like to continue about the misunderstanding thingy ...

When I was in form 2 ...
I went to this English tuition at Perfection Selayang ..
The first word that the English teacher told me was ..

"Are you mix? Portuguese???"

Eceh, tau la time tuh tgh "tan" gile since men netball petang2 ...
Bole dia ingt I'm Portuguese???
Ape la teacher tuh -.-"

Ade ke muke Portuguese??? Chinese pon xde kot ..
Ape tah lg muke Indon ek (Directly speaking to Fatah Poter .. lol)
Muke chubby + jerawat ade la ... hahahhaa


retop hataf said...

hahah. ada kot. sikit2 muka amah.

Milly said...

ahaha u jealous kan sbnarnye

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