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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Why Do I Always Listen To Music

Believe it or not I always listen to music ...
Wherever and whenever ..
except when I'm sleeping la, to sleep, I really2 need a quite and dark place ...
even lampu yg bawah pintu tuh pn can make be pusing kiri, pusing kanan xbole tito .. huhu

Back to the music story,
For those who know me, (especially my classmates)
they know that i will never b'rengang dengan my Mp4
jalan pegi kelas sure ade bende cucuk kat telinga

The reasons are:

1. I always listen to my Mp4 while walking to class because, I tend to be easily bored with silence. Atleast bole nyanyi skali time jalan tuh kan? but the prob is, people will think I'm crazy, dorang ingat I was talking to myself the whole time

2. Back from my Matriculation time, I really need my Mp4 because, I don't want to hear what people were saying about me. I mean dorang sound direct kot. I was one of the few yg x pakai tudung at that time, so whenever I passed the surau (mesti lalu situ if nk pegi kelas or my friends' room) all the alim guys there will throw such comments to me. So to prevent futher sins (by talking back to them) better pkai Mp4 then I'll never hear anything. Brilliant idea ae??? haha

3. Before I know how to drive, I have to take the taxi or the train to go to the mall. While waiting at the bus stops, MESTI, FOR SURE akan ade lorry will horn at me and ckp something I dont ever want to bother of. So bile pkai Mp4 I can act that I can't really hear them, the true story is, I can always hear them even bile pkai Mp4. Pretend that dengar sudah.... abes cite!

4. Next reason should be simple, I LOVE TO SING even suare xsedap mane! hahaha

5. Believe it or not, listening to ur Mp4 bole elakkan dr d'tegur from strangers! haha True fact! Dorang mesti xjadi nk tegur bcause if tegur pn, sure ssh nk get ur attention.

6. Hurmzzzz Actually even when I go to the toilet, except when having my bath, I will always have my Mp4 with me. At my college all the other girls will stare semacam at me. The reason?? Well I usually sleep after 3 am (mase exam week la) so nk pegi toilet at that time, sorang2, wouldn't it be scary? Memang scary kot. Tengok kot tingkap, gelap sume. Then no sounds coming from the girls rooms. According to all the horror movies, biasenye "bunyi" akan dengar dlu, bru la "bende" tuh muncul kan2??? so by listening to my Mp4, I won't hear anything, so what left for me to do is pandang bawah, jalan n jangan pandang kiri or kanan! ^ ^ Soje may say it will be even scarier by doing that, but U try it yourself, mesti rase abit better then xpkai Mp4.

This is my one and only Mp4. Da seribu kali jatuh but still ok tok dengar.
I bought it when I was in sem2, now da sem 6!
It's a miracle for me to keep my stuff for such a long time


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