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Friday, 10 December 2010

I'm Malay... Seriously

I thought I've blogged about it before, but I just can't find the entry -.-"
It was about 2 Chinese guys asking if I'm a Malay or Chinese ....
Mane huh pegi entry tuh???

Anyway, I don't know why people always thinks I'm a Chinese or anything else other than Malay ...
I think I look totally Malay, kan kan kan??? xke???

Here are several situations that I've encountered...

The most common one:

Salesman/girl: (in Chinese, asking if I'm interested in ... blah blah blah)
Me: Ermmm I'm Malay (smiling)

Salesman: Owhhh Sorry ar

I really2 wanted to reply in Mandarin, saying I'm not Chinese (since I've learnt abit of Mandarin) but ... nnt dorang lg la confused... xke?

Other situation:

I went to a pasar malam near my house, alone, the way I dressed? Well I was supposed to go to the gym, but jalan banjir pulak, so I made a detour to the pasar instead... So I was wearing shorts, t-shirt with oversized sweater.

Pak cik jual ayam: Ye amoi, nak ape?
Me: Erkkkkk Ayam percik satu (smiling)
Pak cik: Owhhh melayu, pak cik ingat cina td
Mak cik: Melayu la dia tuh ... hehe

Jalan-jalan lagi, owhhhh nk beli air kelapa la!!! (My fav)

Apek nk beli air kelapa jugak: (Looking at me, atas bawah atas bawah)
Me: (Apehal la apek ni) ... Auntie, air kelapa satu.
Auntie Air Kelapa: Ais mau???
Me: Xnak
Apek: (in Cantonese, I only know abit, So this is the ringkasan) Eh melayu ke budak nih? rupa mcm cina (dia cakap ngn Auntie jual air kelapa tuh)
Auntie: (in Cantonese) Melayu la tuh, dia cakap melayu
Apek: (in Cantonese) Tp muka cina ....
Auntie: U mau gula? Ikat habis ke separuh?
Me: mau2, separuh..
Auntie: (in Cantonese) kan, melayu tuh
Apek: (talking to me) U melayu ka? kenapa U nampak mcm cina?
Me: (erkkkk cm ne nk jwb soalan tuh???) Melayu2 ....

pastu apek tuh pn start la tanye psl study mane n blah2 ....
Tapi, apek tuh tetap xpuas ati because I told him that I'm Malay

Next situation:

Bangsar Village II, Borders

While browsing for a book (alone), tibe2 a Chinese guy dtg dekat ....

Him: Ermmm It's been long since I last read a book, do you have any suggestions for me to read?
Me: Ermmmmm What kind of books do you like?
Him: Anything, really
Me: (Start bebel pasal buku this and that)
Him: Ermmmm U're not Malaysian, are you?
Me: Huh??? (Daaaaa bukan Malaysian la pulak) Of course I'm Malaysian
Him: U're Chinese?
Me: (smiling) no no, Malay ..
Him: I'm M*******
Me: Aida ^ ^

Ok, now bukan Malaysian pulak da ... abes tuh nampak cm ape?
Siam ke??? hahaha

For that, I would like to emphasize that ...


EqynnYusof said...

lelaki last skali tu Myanmar ke aida?? hahaha

Milly said...

tah, x tanye pulak dia .. haha

retop hataf said...

laa. i ingat indon.

Milly said...

eh eh eh tolong skit :p

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