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Friday, 4 December 2009

Dear Who Ever U Really Are

For the very last f****** time i want to tell u, STOP CALLING + SMS-ING me!! I wont pick up the phone n neither will I reply ur sms ... didn't i told u to stay away from my f****** life??? yet u still sms n call me ... I've told u over n over again ... there was once that i actually thought u did understand me, but i guess i was dead wrong ... at first u said, ok i won't disturb u anymore ... but it only took u about few hours(not even a day) to text me back, saying I've deleted ur num but ur num is still in my heart.

I mean YuckkkS!. u think that would actually believe dat? HELL NO!

Today u sent me another msg, i meant 2 msges since I totally ignored ur calls

What the heck??? U don't noe me, n clearly I don't noe u ... U don't even noe my name for godsake, i mean i could be sombdy's wife or even grandma!!!!

Juz do me this favour... stop sms-ing + calling me. I WILL NEVER reply ur sms neither ur calls. Juz stay away plz???
I'm trying to be real polite here ..... not~

P/S: sedozen love??? guling2 i gelak kot .. lolx


khairil said...

izit dat guy again?

Milly said...

yes syg~

khairil said...

y u didnt tell me earlier syg?
ok...pls pass his number to me.

Milly said...

0133317588 or 0172786907

Balqis Riza said...

ignore je...hihi

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