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Sunday, 27 December 2009


This will be the last tyme ever i'll buy on9 stuff, well at least for a few weeks, or days~ huhu

The thing is, i went to this blog shop, found what i wanted ... thn ordered it ... everything went smoothly until i got the item .... it was totally opposite from what i wanted ... only the color is the same ... at first i thought it was my sis's bcause she too did order clothes under my name ... bt then she said it wasn't hers ... thn i decided to check that blog again, conforming everything .. it turned out that i had ordered the wrong code .. it wasn't totally my fault(i have to admit that it's a bit my fault too) ... the owner places the code of the item at the top of the pic .... i mean who does that? didn't u learn HCI (HUMAN - COMPUTER INTERACTION)??? even i haven't learned it yet, but i still noe some common sense .... you dont put text at the top of the pic ... put besides it or at the bottom .. duhhhh~ atleast, take a look at others' blog .. u're the 1st one that i have encountered who had put it that way, or still putting it that way ... plz2 change ur blog ... + u have lots of pic, so that will only make things extra complicated ...

The "wat ever" i got ... was totally a disaster ... it was big ... plain n BIG! da la kain pn xde kualiti! haihhh i don't noe what i can do with it ... some suggested that wat kain burok jer ... huhu

*hate that blog ... but i wont post the URL


Maherausaurus** said...

dont go for online shopping! HAHA

Milly said...

btol2 ..
jdkan ini pgajaran~

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