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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I think i need to operate my heart

i juz can't figure out how my heart works ... am i feeling less or something? or is it doesn't even functioning? i mean i've always been confused about my feelings(not that i'm confused if i like boys or not), i sometimes like that boy, than suddenly my heart will be telling me dat he's not da one...

i really2 don't wanna hurt ppl but arghhhh how can i figure out how my heart works? anyone?
buzz me if u noe .. or even if u hav a clue ... bcause i'm done off wondering who i like, what i want ... i juz need some help~

owh wait! maybe i'm undecided type of ppl .. erk does it even exist? if it doesn't i'm creating one ... for myself obviously ..

i've been telling myself over n over again, not to do da same mistakes over n over again ... tp i always follow my heart rather thn my brain .. tgk ap da jadi! it served me rite~ mmg padan muke ...

i juz hope, someday, oneday, i cn figure out how my heart functions ... finger crossed!


Maherausaurus** said...

miLL, goodluck! :D

slaveofALLAH said...

SALAM...kata hati kt memg btul jika ia tidk terhasut...tp sush untuk tidk melukakan hati sesorg ikut gerak hati kt...(mean nak tafsir hati sesorg)...jd biar sesekali hati kite terluka utk org lain gembira...krana secara tdk lgsng dngan kegembiraan org hati kt akan gembira jk....dengan kehendak ALLAH..insyaALLAH.....hati adalah organ yg mengawal rohani kite...memg susah dijaga,,,tp senag didik jika pandai mengawal hasutan...

the conclusion....be a good person wth good heart..


taruhan yang percuma...dan pulangannya sungguh lumayan..try la!!:)


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