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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Me Shopaholic??? Naaaaa Can't be

I really should be extra triple careful with how I’m spending my money … juz from 12th nov til 30th nov I’ve spent like Rm1407 … and I withdrew about rm1000! I didn’t realize that until I checked my acc … I’m like OMG how could I’ve spent this much? I don’t think I can find anything that I’ve bought … erk where did I put those things???? Owh ppl help me overcoming my spending habit … I DO NOT want to be a shopaholic… bole bankrupt la one day nih~

How could I have spent until 1.4k??? Started on 15th nov I was already at home, so there’s no need for me to buy food, except when I go out …. Erk maybe it’s bcause I spent too much on clothes which I don’t actually where thm??? No wonder la my wardrobe runtuh! Lol

Guess I have to control my obsession in spending rite now! Cuz I really don’t wanna be a shopaholic!


Eikha said...

Wow, my allowance is never that much, tak sampai half pun. :|

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