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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Fun Day~

Today i went out with Khairy, Shahir(juz got to noe him) and Hazira .. At first the plan was to hang out at Sunway but at last minute, Khairy said maybe he couldn't make it, so instead of Sunway, me n Hazira decided to go to The Curve... Then suddenly khairy jd pegi pulak ...

We went for a karaoke, which Khairy + Shahir gle excited .. Nyanyi smpai ujan kot .. lolx senang kate 1 hour tu was not enough for thm! jgn mara u guys, but it's true kan?? lol

Then we decided to play pool .. First game Khairy beat Shahir, thn we girls joined in, me with Khairy as a team, n Hazira with Shahir ... Segala skill kuar, I yg x reti men nih pn smpai dok atas meja pool tuh kot .. lolx n finally we won(me n Khairy) all thanks to Hazira cuz dia salah masukkan ball(don't even noe what u call those balls).. huhu

Next we went for a movie, Couple Retreat ... Best gk la ... Khairy was all excited tgk dat movie, thn suddenly Hazira ckp she couldnt find her Hp.. Da cari every where, including that karaoke room but x jumpe ... Pening ktorng nk cr Hp tu mane ...

Cuz xjumpe, we all went to Ikea to have our dinner, thanks to shahir cuz jd tour guide ktorg , ye la since dia je yg slalu g ctu, it was like every inch of that place pn dia tahu~

We had fun back there, gelak2 n everything ... n boy, Khairy was all excited when dia nmpk Hazira bwk camera ... u should see him, camera xready lg dia da siap pose! hahaha

Anyway, we did find Hazira's phone .. where? well it was in my car all the tyme! hahahaha

P/S: Today i juz told my mom what i got for the final, she was mad at first(via sms), thn later when i met her at home, well dia buat cm xde pape .. weird!

*Khairy n Shahir

*Me n Shahir

*Khairy n Hazira


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