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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Wo Jiao ....

I bet like most of my frens don't really noe my real name ... they only know me by Aida or even Milly ... odd but true ...

Not half of my frens noe my real name which is actually Nursyahida Nazir... not really ur fault though for not knowing it, i myself prefer to be called aida or milly, since even my family calls me that ..

Even if u ask my cousins if they knew who Syahida is.. they'll be like Do we have any Syahida here???... Only certian teachers n lecturers call me that, most of them call me Aida

People always ask me where did i get Milly Vindiely from ... well actually i kinda invented it, Milly came from a movie called Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (if u still remember that movie), i was in form 2 (i think so) when i watched that movie n felt attached to 1 of the characters which is abviously Milly ... Vindiely actually came from ... well i heard the radio was talking about vanilla, then i was like, vanilla, vanilla, vanilla, vindiely??? lolx

So that's how i got Milly Vindiely ... As for Syahida, ppl somtimes asks me y isn't it Ida instead? hurmzz as far as i remember, my mom said my sis started to call me that, so Aida I am!


slaveofALLAH said...

salam..nursyahida bte nazir...asal tak panggil "bte" aje..hehehehee./..joking...apa yg penting nama yg dipanggil ade maksud positive..aida (Keberuntungan, imbalan, hadiah)...syahidah (mati syahid)..indahnya....nur syahidah (cahaya mati syahid)..(";)..

Milly said...

syahida meaning yg menyaksikan ... nursyahida = cahaya yg menyaksikan =)

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