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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Hot Spring!

Juz got back from Sungkai (Yesterday) ... my mom was all excited about hot spring, so she dragged the fam + my aunts to sungkai ... Felda Resort ape tah ... i've forgotten ....
The villa was nice, got a hot pool for our privacy ... it was F***ing HOT! bole tahan few mins jer thn rase cm cant breathe ...

My aunt mule2 ckp nk dtg kjab jer, for few hours thn balik, since tmpat tuh pn not so far away .. 2 hours driving jer .. but bile da smpai .. sume pn xjd balik ... huhu wat cn i say, that place's real damn nice ...
My dad n uncle were all excited about egg boiling ... ewwww eggs!

We had to go down kat tmpt yg for sume org tuh , since on the 2nd day hot pool kat villa tuh ad prob .. xpanas sgt... pnat je byr mahal2! ptt mintak refund!! hahaha kat bwh tuh pn best gk, ad air gunung! gile sejuk ... yg best dia ad slide ... men 2 kali cukup ar ... trus nek villa cuz da selesema .. lol

Pape pn ... best gile .... 3 fam got together n huru hara gk la jd nye! lol

*The Villa

*The Hot Pool

*Bile kakak n adik da jd bengong


èi-jat saleh hawa said...

name tmpt nie, sungai kelah hotspring recreation park, sungkai.

ahha... ade lg 1 tmpt hotspring kat perak. sblh lost world of tambun. pegi la nnti ek. :-)

Milly said...

hanya akan pegi if my mum pakse .. lol

Anonymous said...

OMG ida, is that your new hair?

Milly said...

n who would be calling me ida??? huhu

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